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sonder SOLUTIONS + SeaQuest!

sonder SOLUTIONS is excited and pleased to announce our partnership with SeaQuest!

SeaQuest is designed with the purpose of connecting humans with animals through guided educational tours and entertaining hands on interactive experiences for all ages.

sonder SOLUTIONS' students who will have the opportunity to work here will learn how to classify animals, learn about animal psychology, and get the opportunity to teach children about the creatures too! SeaQuest desires to increase appreciation for our planet's oceans, the understanding of our ecosystems, respect for marine life, and to educate the general public about our planet's rich aquatic resources.

SeaQuest is very committed to supporting programs that benefit children with disabilities and foster parent programs, so this makes us a perfect match! sonder SOLUTIONS and SeaQuest have partnered with a joined effort of supporting our local community's needs by providing work experience to students who are interested in working with animals and/or children. sonder SOLUTIONS' Student Services Work Experience Program provides workforce development services to eligible high school students. Our students are gaining employment and leadership opportunities at SeaQuest and are being provided job readiness skills so they can succeed later in life.

Together we are changing lives!

To learn more about SeaQuest, check them out at:

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