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Meet The Team

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Andrea Fournier

Executive Director

Andrea has over a decade of experience in the nonprofit management sector specializing in social enterprise, employment, and program development; contracts and compliance; advocacy, quality management, and performance management. Her guiding interests are the development of programs that promote socioeconomic achievement for individuals with disabilities as essential components to sustain community.


Tiffany Busalacchi

Senior Employment Specialist

Tiffany joined sonder SOLUTIONS and brought her 10+ years of industry experience between Las Vegas and Northern California. Her strongest skills include being committed, empathetic, and holding a high level of integrity. Tiffany's energetic and positive personality allows her to connect with all people across various backgrounds. Tiffany is a trained mental health first aid responder.


Kalveen Shergill

Employment Specialist

Kalveen has multiple years of experience working with individuals of various ages in various treatment settings. He provides individualized support to adults with disabilities through facilitated work experiences and assessments. Kalveen's commitment stems from a personal and professional drive to provide quality care so people can live empowered and fulfilled lives.


Kylie Edwards

Student Program Supervisor

Kylie is the Student Program Supervisor, she provides support to young individuals with disabilities, aiding them in the development of skills and confidence required to succeed in future employment. Kylie has spent many years working in education settings, where she supported students with special needs achieve academic and personal goals. She is currently pursing an advanced degree in Psychology with hopes of continuing her work in the field. Kylie's commitment is rooted in a deep belief in everyone's potential, and a passion for creating inclusive communities.


Kalea Ujiiye

Office Assistant

 Kalea comes from a local resource family background which originally inspired her passion in Human Services. She believes in learning to advocate for oneself, being an advocate for others, by creating supportive and inclusive atmospheres. Kalea has spent many hours volunteering with children in the community. She has a degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Psychology.


Cailin Eckard

Student Services Program Assistant

Cailin's passion for helping disabled individuals thrive comes from her childhood and continues through her work. She has deep understanding of the unique challenges individuals face with disabilities. Cailin demonstrates commitment to her students and believes every child deserves an equal opportunity to succeed.

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