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About Us

Disability Does Not Mean Workplace Inability

Our Mission

Empowering disadvantaged individuals and underserved populations with whole person employment and workforce development services designed to promote self-sufficiency and independence--by removing barriers, creating opportunities, and helping job seekers build careers in their communities

Our Mission

Our Process

We provide initial assessments and prepare every individual to not just start work, but to continue working and advancing in their new career. We do this by following a simple framework:

Intake Interview​

This is where we gather documentation on prior work history, training and education.

Employment Preparation

We get each person physically and socially ready to work.

Job Development and Placement

We assist in creating a list of potential employers and train job seekers on how to give a winning, interview performance.

Employment Retention and Short Term Supports

We stay in contact with every participant after employment to ensure that they are comfortable with their new job. If there are conflicts, we work to facilitate a timely resolution.

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