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New Partnership! sonder SOLUTIONS + Folsom's Hope

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

sonder SOLUTIONS is excited and pleased to announce a partnership with Folsom's Hope!

Folsom’s Hope began in 2008 with a mother, Salwa Kasabian, who was concerned for her children's wellbeing while attending Theodore Judah Elementary. Her concern stemmed from the destructive behavior she witnessed exhibited by what she saw as struggling children not receiving (what she deemed as) enough support.

Folsom’s Hope is rooted in research that proves how mentoring, supporting, encouraging and nurturing the development of at-risk students can positively affect and shape the child's identity from early on and continue to form a healthy adult lifestyle. Kasabian envisioned creating an organization that could meet the needs of these children, and that is exactly what Folsom’s Hope does; “Folsom’s Hope serves the physical, educational, relational, material and spiritual needs of at-risk children and their families. Because every child deserves a chance for a bright future.”

Folsom’s Hope and sonder SOLUTIONS will combine forces in order to help eligible students gain the ability to jump start their lives by providing the opportunity for educational work experience. These programs together will support students in building foundational job-related skills that will help them gain confidence as well as give them the motivation necessary to live a happy, healthy, and successful life.

sonder SOLUTIONS is so excited to see where this community partnership will lead us.

Together we are changing lives!

To learn more about our new partner, check them out at:

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