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Work Readiness Training

“Opportunities for youth make for a more inclusive workforce, which has been proven to foster creativity and bolster financial performance.”

- Sarah Franklin, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Trailhead and Developer Relations at Salesforce.

Through Each Work Experience,
Students Will:

  • Gain experience in various employment settings

  • Build foundational employment skills

  • Gain confidence, self advocacy skills and motivation

  • Explore employment opportunities

  • Obtain employer references

  • Experience receiving pay and managing personal finance

  • Experience getting to work on time through public or private transportation

  • Gain exposure to and understanding of the work environment, job responsibilities, and employer expectations to better prepare for future permanent employment

    Wages & Paid Participation by sonder SOLUTIONS
    Each Student's Work Experience Not to
    Exceed 100 hours

Our Mission

Become a Host Employer:

Creating and strengthening partnerships is a crucial aspect of being able to provide the most effective programs appropriate for youth in need.

At no cost to you, sonder SOLUTIONS successfully creates opportunities and removes barriers for transition-age high school students while empowering them as they enter the workforce.

For more information on how you can partner with us to become a host employer, please contact us at the following:

Call: (916) 249 - 0203 ext. 102


Write: 2880 Sunrise Blvd., Suite 213,
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

We Need Your Support Today!

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